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Daniel Angeli exhibition Galerie Roanne de Saint Laurent

The ROANNE DE SAINT LAURENT Gallery intends to be part of this way of life: to serve artists. All artists, whatever their mode of expression. The mode of art has changed a lot, whether through new technologies or through the growing role of fairs and auction houses.

The images circulating on the net give more visibility to artists. Some might consider that, given the evolution, the existence of the Galleries would no longer make sense, they would even be a brake on direct exchanges between the collector and the artist.

The ROANNE DE SAINT LAURENT Gallery intends to be first and foremost an exhibition space, that is to say to allow physical encounters between collectors, or more simply art lovers with artists. Thus, this place has vocation to move in the workshop of the one who creates.

The artist must be able to receive these one-day visitors to continue their relationship and to understand the energies, the strength, the violence, the hysteria, the sadness, sometimes even the distress, of its creators. However, the Gallery will remain a place of exchange, just as much between collectors.

Is there a place other than a Gallery where visitors can easily exchange their impression of what is exhibited, of what is presented? Have you ever traded in a perfume, clothes or shoes establishment with the one who frequents it? It is not so. Art is a place of emotions, emotions that must be shared.

The members constituting the ROANNE DE SAINT LAURENT Gallery must perpetuate the spirit of the Chevalier François and defend artistic creation.