The first makes images, the second is one.

1943, Johnny and Daniel are born, between them the similarities are not lacking. So much in common, that it is written that they will be found.

Each in their field, each in their art, they build themselves.

They move forward on instinct, with the strength of those who have a vocation and are sure of reaching their destination.

Johnny Hallyday the king of the “Rockers” and Daniel Angeli the king of the “Paparazzi”, an obvious rapprochement, based on connections as numerous as between a being and his reflection. It is thanks to this exceptional link woven over fifty years, that the images that you are going to discover exist. Memories of special moments, these photographs are precious because they are personal, intimate.

Since the Taulier left us, Daniel Angeli, surrounded by his 4 children, opened his archive files to recall the fabulous memories he recounts with great nostalgia.

In front of these thousands of images, the five of them wanted to pay a disproportionate tribute to the height of the artist he was and to share these pictures, witnesses of his life, with all those who loved him.

So we had to find the idea. As powerful as his voice, as rock’n’roll as his concerts, as charismatic as his character …

An “extraordinary” work was therefore inevitable.

Unpublished and rare images could only be presented in a grandiose format.

The limited edition Buddha was therefore the idea at the height of Mr. Hallyday.

A year of work was necessary to achieve this work, made with passion and respect.

Limited to 300 signed and numbered copies, this exceptional edition, bound and shaped by hand, is available in several versions.

It is possible to have the book alone, or the one inserted in its flight case specially designed to the dimensions of the book and finally the Art Edition version which are unique pieces customized by artists or designers.

This book presents 466 pages of unpublished photos of Johnny Hallyday.

It weighs 29 kg and meets the dimensions of 50cm X 70cm when closed.

The photographer has chosen not to caption the photos, so a booklet is included in the dimensions of the book bearing the captions of each image.

There are also attached two vintage photos printed on tracing paper that you can keep in the book or choose to frame them.

The pair of white gloves is included for each work.

The cover of the book is a printing plate that comes from the Italian printing house where the book was made.

Mr Angeli and his team closely followed the making of this work by assisting at each stage of the production.


The scout

10 Rue Boissy d’Anglas, 75 008 Paris

Buddha Book
€ 7,000

Buddha book in numbered edition signed by Daniel Angeli. It represents 466 pages of history and weighs more than 29 kg

Buddha Book & Flight Case Collector - 13.500 €

Buddha book with a Collector’s Flight Case – Specially designed in its dimensions with noble and quality materials

Buddha Book & Flight Case Art Edition - 15.500 €

Buddha book with a Flight Case Art Collector: designated by an artist from the Filles et Fils collective at Paparazzi (FAP)