1- The Publisher strictly respects any personal data collected and processed as part of your use of the site and any subscription to one or more of its Services.

2- The data collected is subject to standard security, via combined mechanisms of backups, protection of its sites, blogs, and IT devices (password policy), as well as the subscription of “Liability” insurance. Civilian »professional.

3- The purpose of this data processing is the constitution of a base of contacts to promote the development of the commercial relationship between the Parties after the User’s navigation on the Site, in particular via the possible sending of a letter news, more or less regular, and / or sending commercial proposals strictly related to its activity, promotions and special offers included, but also monitoring and customer relations.

4- This processing is materialized on the Site by a contact form allowing you to fill in various fields providing the following information: Name and first name / E-mail address / Description of the user’s request – free text field.

– All fields of the form must be completed.

– The User admits without reservation that he authentically, completely and exactly fills in the requested information and under his full responsibility, and that the difficulty or possible impossibility of processing his contact request on the part of the Editor cannot no case be blamed on the latter.

– For the operation, use and maintenance of the Site, the Publisher does not install any specific “cookie” on your terminal, with the exception of Google Analytics in order to measure and analyze the audience. The User acknowledges that the use of basic cookies by the latter may give the Editor access to basic and anonymized connection information.

– Also, the User unreservedly accepts using the sharing buttons and / or outgoing links, directing to the Publisher’s social network profiles, under his own responsibility, in particular with regard to his confidentiality settings. Any computer tracing induced by the use of the aforementioned functionalities, offered by the Editor, cannot be reproached to the latter.

5- The User admits that his consent to receive e-mails from the Publisher within the framework described above, is deemed to be respected when he clicks on the “Send” button, after clear information before sending. of the contact form.

– The User acknowledges that his consent to receive solicitations from the Publisher includes similar commercial offers from the latter, current or future, even if these are not presented on the Site, and never those of other providers.

– The User can at any time, justifying a legitimate reason, oppose the processing of data concerning him, by simple request on contact@eternity-editions.com.

– At no time and in no way will the Publisher allow access to your data or the provision, transfer, transmission of any kind, assignment, exploitation and use in any form and by any third party whether it is data collected, with the legitimate exception of third parties authorized by law (administrative, legal services, etc.).

6- The storage of personal data collected is ensured for the purposes of promotion, archiving for security and proof of the activities of the Service Provider. It is presumed valid in the absence of notification of a contrary decision from the User (opt-out, unsubscribe, unsubscribe), upon simple motivated request to contact@eternity-editions.com.

– The data retention period is 14 months for cookies and 3 years for other categories of data, which start from either the last request from the User allowing the collection of the data concerned, or the end of the commercial relationship between the Parties.

– In the case of a retention relating to the proof of the activities of the Publisher in the context of possible legal proceedings, this period corresponds to the legal requirements in force with regard to the specific matter concerned.

– The Publisher formally undertakes to allow at any time, on simple request and within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the request, any User to consult the data available to him about him. , to rectify them if necessary, and of course to delete them if necessary. These requests are made by email to the address contact@roanne-de-saint-laurent.art and are formalized by an email notifying the receipt and execution of the request.

7- In the specific case of newsletters, it is possible for the User to terminate this option at any time, by using the automatic link which will be systematically present in said letter (opt-out). In this case, the Publisher undertakes to stop sending emails to this (these) recipient (s).