Eternity is a French publishing house of photographs and art books.

It presents, in exclusivity, in several formats and media, 55 years of images retracing the career of the King of the Paparazzi.

Eternity offers original shots and allows an affordable acquisition to all audiences.

The editions are produced with the greatest care. Our laboratory uses quality in all points. Each print is made and validated under the supervision of D. Angeli.

Limited editions are guaranteed by precise production control. The artist’s handwritten signature on the print increases the value in the art market. The certificate is a guarantee of the authenticity of the artist and of the publishing house.

All the data of the edition such as its format, its date, its edition as well as its serial number are indicated.

Daniel Angeli

It was at the age of fifteen that Daniel Angeli discovered photography in an Agency lab Dalmas in Paris.

Fascinated by the stars that he develops in the dark, he decides to go and meet them.

Slung over the shoulder, it foams the evenings, meets myths such as Aristotle Onassis, Jacques Brel, John Lennon, Giovanni Agnelli, Liz Taylor or even Edith Piaf.

In 1967, he created Angeli Agency and becomes a master in the art of so-called “people” photos.

Sometimes asked, often stolen, capturing moments of life of which only the instantaneity guarantees the truth.

Which earned him a somewhat sulphurous reputation.

Daniel Angeli has nevertheless managed to maintain the ethics essential to the profession of journalist.

He defines himself as a witness of his time. The one where the stars really were.

In Saint-Tropez in summer, in Gstaad in winter, he goes on to thirty-five Cannes festivals and rubs shoulders with the greats of this world, sometimes forming close relationships with them.

In 1996, he met Johnny Hallyday on the slopes of Gstaad. Since then, Daniel Angeli was notably the privileged witness of the course of the Star during fifteen years fixing on its film of the single moments that only a real complicity could authorize.

Today, his enthusiasm and passion remain intact and give his photos, which have become for some legendary, an undeniable authenticity combined with great sincerity.